Host a Permenant Jewelry Pop-up


How long does the process take?
After the client selects their chain(s), the process takes
approx. 10-15 minutes per person

How much does it cost?
Sterling Silver starts at $8 per inch
14K Gold starts at $30 per inch

How do I host a pop-up?
Pop-ups are for retail locations and markets only.
Send an email to, message us on Instagram, or submit the form below
to inquiry about dates and availability

Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry offers a "Permanent" jewelry experience with a curated selection of high-quality sterling silver and 14K gold chains. These chains are custom fit and permanently connected around the wrist, neck or ankle with a spark!
Join us for a connective experience by hosting a pop-up event.


 This trendy event will generate buzz! 
It's a fun way to connect with your clients.
Attract new clients to your location. (Most people bring a friend)
It's easy, we take care of appointment bookings through a link dedicated to your event and take payments through our POS.
We provide all of the marketing materials branded with your logo making it easy to promote online and in store.
It's a great event to pair with a special offering of your products.
As a host, you receive 10% commission of total sales or 15% credit towards permanent jewelry!

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