Connection: “Rhiana” Sterling Silver Elongated Paperclip Chain

Size 7" Standard Bracelet Size
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“Rhiana” is our daintiest sterling silver paperclip Connection Collections chain.

The connection: The "Rhiana" chain is named after Dr. Rhiana Menen a breast cancer surgeon that Crystalyn met when her late husband was battling cancer. Rhiana has taught Crystalyn the importance of having people in your life that will pick you up and carry you when life gets hard.

This item is made to order and is a final sale item. 


1.95mm elongated chain with a lobster clasp. 

Sterling Silver

Made to order, all sales final:

Available in various lengths. 7" is the standard size but we offer a variety to fit your needs. To measure your bracelet length, use a flexible tape measure and lay it flat against your wrist. Take that measurement and add 1". That is the size you should order. Let us know if you need any more guidance.